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With Xsens Adding RTK Capabilities To The Latest Inertial Navigation Products, Centimeter-Level Precision Will Become Mainstream

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Today, Xsens, maker of inertial sensor modules, announced that with the launch of its new rtk-compatible inertial navigation product, a new generation of ultra-cost-effective inertial sensor products will be able to locate at the centimeter level.

Using RTK (real-time dynamic positioning) extension function based on conventional satellite positioning signals, the maximum positioning error of GNSS receiver can be reduced from ±1 meter to ±2 cm. Companies that develop innovative new products in non-military markets such as smart agriculture, autonomous vehicles and maritime equipment have been keen to leverage high-precision RTK capabilities for new applications and more automation.

Now, with the launch of MTi 600 series new product mti-680g, Xsens is the first inertial navigation product manufacturer to support RTK function. The mti-680g is an integrated GNSS/ inertial navigation system (INS) module equipped with an integrated RTK GNSS receiver that also provides synchronized 3D attitude (inclination) and heading output.

MTi-680G GNSS-RTK.jpg

The new mti-680g is also equipped with upgraded supporting software, which can significantly improve the internal signal processing speed of the module compared with the non-rtk module. By synchronizing global positioning coordinates with the module's attitude, heading, and speed output, the mti-680g provides a comprehensive positioning and navigation output for any carrier device, including uas moving at a maximum output data rate of 400Hz.

The rtk-enabled module also offers the following features to make it stand out from the competition:

·           carry out accurate factory calibration for each product equipment

·           strong antimagnetic interference capability

·           adaptive software operation, which can optimize performance in various application scenarios

·            easy to use free MT Software Suite development tool for faster integration into the final product design

·           Xsens' popular MTi development kit provides an out-of-the-box operating experience

Boele DE Bie, CEO of Xsens, said, "the new rtk-compatible mti-680g promises accurate positioning in centimeters, high cost performance and suitable for all kinds of scene applications. Now, thanks to the centimeter accuracy of the mti-680g position measurement, all kinds of next-generation applications are possible, whether it's automated agricultural equipment, self-driving cars, ships, drones."

The mti-680g product is currently available for trial.


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