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Ultra Low Power Consumptionwi-Fi The Chip Is Officially Born!Iot Connection Technology“Change Of Dynasty”Off?

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With the continuous penetration of the Internet of things, the Internet of everything is gradually becoming a reality. In our daily life, all kinds of smart home devices can be connected To the same network, and the trend of wireless communication is also advancing Simultaneously. Many devices adopt the design of built-in batteries and realize wireless communication with ZigBee, LoRa, BLE and other low Power consumption technologies.


However, each of these wireless connection technologies has its own advantages, and each USES its own unique connection standard. As a result, many connected devices cannot be connected to the Internet directly and need to adopt special gateways and other devices, which only adds to the cost. On the other hand, after decades of development, with the popularity of smart phones, wi-fi has achieved a high penetration rate, almost every family has a wi-fi AP. But why didn't wireless iot devices in the past adopt the more common wi-fi connectivity solution? "Wi-fi can't cover all applications, mainly because of its most fatal weakness -- power consumption," said nanxiu cui, director of product marketing at Dialog semiconductor connect with audio business, at an online presentation.


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In this online presentation, Dialog semiconductor announced the launch of the ultra Low power consumptionwi-fi SoCchipDA16200 and two da16200-based modules to provide breakthrough battery life for wi-fi connected, battery-powered IoT devices, eliminating the power consumption limitations of traditional wi-fi. "Addressing the fundamental weakness of wi-fi, that was the main goal of our product development, and we did it." 'said cui proudly.


How can "Low power consumption" be achieved?


According to reports,DA16200Ultra low power consumptionWi-Fi chip It was developed specifically for products that run on batteries,It usesDialogPatented technologyVirtualZero。VirtualZeroWhat can be done is that the device can always be connected to the network,Power consumption is almost0,But not completely0功耗,But use weak current to maintain its network connection。therefore,Under almost negligible power consumption,Wake up or control the device at any time,For example, transfer the data collected by the device to the user。


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But unlike other marketsWi-FiChip comparison,DA16200How to achieve such a large power consumption gap??The first is that the state of sleep is very obvious,Keep the internet connected,At the same time also load the network certificate and keep the network online,And apply、APStay connected with the cloud platform。AverageWi-FiIf the chip has passed for a while,Will kick it out。


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Cui Nanxiu introduced,Wi-Fi The characteristic is that if it is not working,Did not giveAPA signal says“I'm alive”,Actually kicked it off。But our chip won't let it kick out,Keep it connected like this,Stay connected。How to stay connected,Simultaneously achieve low power consumption,This is the technology that really achieves low power consumption。


Low power consumption=Low performance?This is not really low power consumption!


In order to achieve low power consumption,In fact, some manufacturers have made compromises in performance,For example,Wi-FiCastration,In exchange for lower power consumption。To this,Cui Nanxiu thinks:“If sacrificedWi-Fi Some features or specifications,Then make the ultra-low power consumption,In fact, it is not ultra-low power consumption。”


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and so,DA16200The chip is not a chip that alone undertakes radio frequency,In fact it is a fully integratedWi-Fi SoCchip,Which incorporatesCPU、SRAM,And it is completely satisfiedWi-Fi The entire specification,Including RF sensitivity、The length of the distance communicated, etc.。Even the average on the marketWi-Fi compare with,DA16200The sensitivity and communication distance are more advantageous,Even in open spaces300Meter,At the same time, it can achieve the part of low power consumption that other chips can not do。


And this advantage,It is most prominent in smart watches and bracelets。Now the functions of smart watches and bracelets are becoming more and more complicated,The data to be processed is getting bigger and bigger,The upgrade part of its entire system is also very important。If you use Bluetooth orBLETo deal with,In fact, it takes time to transfer data to upgrade,Now people can't stand the time to download data,Although it is very short compared to the past,But consumers ’consumption mentality is fast。So if these are smart watches、The bracelet can also be equipped with a small battery for high speedWi-Fi chip,That's a good solution。


On the other hand,More wireless connection devices,It also means that cyber security issues are facing more severe challenges。Cui Nanxiu said:“Wi-Fi Compared with other solutions, its own security is already very high,In addition, we have an encrypted module in our chip itself。So it can do a safe boot、Safe debugging、Safe storage,So it is very focused,The security part。”


In addition to the performance part,For a chip,Cost is a big factor in determining its market space。Once an American company launched a low power consumptionWi-Fi芯片,At that time, compared with otherWi-FiThe chip does have great power consumption advantages,But its cost is also of other products on the market7到8Times,In the end this company also fell。therefore,As a chip,If you can't meet the cost that the market can afford,Will not be able to go on in the market。


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According to introducing,DA16200With similar low power consumptionWi-Fi The chip cost gap is not big。At the same time DialogProvidedDA16200和DA16600 Wi-Fi +BLE Combination module,Provides easy and simple implementationWi-FiFlexibility and design options,Ensure that all customers canSoCBenefit from high integration and configurable ease of use。Both modules include4MBFlash memory and all neededRFelement,Includes a crystal、RFLumped filter、One onboard ceramic antenna or used to connect an external antennau.FLConnector。This is to reduce customer development costs、Shortening the development cycle provides a great help。


It was revealed,Samsung's smart door lock is currently usedDialogLow power consumptionWi-Fi Chip to replace the previous oneBLEAs a networking technology,BLENo longer exists in Samsung's entire smart door lock product line。




Ultra-low power consumption Wi-Fi The launch of the chip,Provides a new option for IoT wireless connection。And rely on the extremely popularWi-Fi,compared toZigBee、BLEIn terms of technology,No need to increase the characteristics of the gateway will greatly promote the penetration of IoT devices。after allZigBee、BLEThese connection technologies are partly to solveWi-FiBorn from the shortcomings of high power consumption,But comparedWi-Fi,They also have the disadvantage of low transmission rate。Maybe as Cui Nanxiu said:“Low power consumption Wi-FiThe birth of the chip,Will replace the previous causeWi-Fi The shortcomings of the program,So I thinkWi-FiWill become the mainstream of the home IoT。”


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