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Korean Media:Hetaifeng Purchased From Samsung Display's Discontinued Plantlcdproduction Equipment

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A few days ago,Korean mediathe elecPoint out,Samsung Display(Samsung Display)Is selling its first8generation LCD production line and Chinese manufacturer (HKC)Conduct final negotiations。howeverthe elecLatest reports from,Another Chinese manufacturer has already taken the lead。


  Korean industry sources point out,china LCDModule maker Hefengtai has bought from Samsung Display's discontinued plantGen-8 LCDProduction line equipment。The equipment has entered China as of this year year3month,At that time, Hetaifeng also performed the equipment entrance ceremony at Qinzhou Port, Guangxi.。

  It is understood,Hop Tai FungGen-7 Production line purchased used equipment。But only a few devices were sold at the time,Because Samsung is trying to prevent the outflow of equipment to China,Have melted some used equipment。

  Industry insiders point out,For the first8generationLCDProduction line equipment,Samsung Display's willingness to sell used equipment becomes stronger,This seems to show,Samsung has decided to withdraw from the LCD display market,To fully enter the high-endQLED field。

  Hefengtai was established in2008年9month,Is a dedicated LCD module、Comprehensive enterprise of LCD panel partial paste and LCD panel binding operation。According to Hefengtai official news,Since its establishment,With Beijing Oriental (BOE)、China Electronics(CEC)、Shenchao Optoelectronics、Huaxing Optoelectronics、Long Teng、Large upstream LCD panel manufacturers such as AVIC have gradually established and maintained good partnerships。

  This September, nanxun district people's government、Huaxia Happiness Foundation Co., Ltd. and Hefengtai jointly signed HefengtaiG8.5Ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing project。

  Hefengtai plans to establish ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing production base in Nanxun Industrial New City,Total investment of the project290Billion元,Phase I Investment160亿,The project plans to complete the construction of the plant next year,2021Product offline。



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