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Chinese Companies Invest Heavily In Semiconductors、Hiring Overseas Talents,Korea Feels Threatened

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  Sino-U.S. Trade disputes have not ended,Mainland China still actively invests in semiconductors,Especially mainland Chinese companies、SKHynix Semiconductor Talent、Strong interest in technology,Make South Korea quite vigilant。

  Contrary to the downturn in the semiconductor industry with memory semiconductors,Mainland China begins to accelerate technological development、The pace of equipment investment。According to Korean tech media《etnews》Report,Korea Customs Service25Information released on the day,this year1~11month,The export value of Korean semiconductor equipment companies to mainland China is12Billion2900Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Almost the same period last year(4Billion8300Ten thousand U.S. dollars)of3Times。


  Korean industry sources point out,Although the overall semiconductor market is down this year,But the atmosphere of the Chinese semiconductor market is good。China National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund(Big fund)The size of the second phase of funding has expanded to2000Billion yuan。International Semiconductor Industry Association(SEMI)Also predict,2021year,Mainland China is expected to take the first place in the world in semiconductor equipment investment。

  At present, Changxin has completed its monthly production capacity.410,000 wafersDRAMfactory,Yangtze storage 64 layers of 256GB 3D NAND flash memory has also entered the mass production stage。In addition to the rise of semiconductor companies in mainland China,In the field of semiconductor foundry,SMIC's progress is also very significant,Not only mass production14Nano-processed products,For developmentEUVtechnology,Also began to hire technical staff with relevant experience。

  Except for mainland China's astronomical investment amount、Beyond rapid growth,Mainland Chinese companies are also actively hiring overseas talent,Fujian Jinhua recruited on the official website、SKResearchers who worked at Hynix,All these are extremely threatening to Korean semiconductor companies。

  Korean industry speculation,After the news of Changxin mass production spread,Samsung Electronics to speed up production capacity at Xi'an plant in mainland China,And speed up research and development,Opening the technology gap with mainland Chinese companies。



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