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Bluetooth Chip Factory Zhongke Lanxun Signed Alibaba Flat Head Brother Joint Research On Iot Chips

Form: tech.sina.com.cn 2020/4/30 Browse:503 Keywords: Bluetooth chip Blue News IoT chip

According to the news on the morning of April 30, bluetooth chip manufacturer China blue blue and flat-top brother semiconductor reached a cooperation, the two sides will be based on flat-top brother's black iron series processor and AI algorithm to jointly develop Internet of things chip, for wireless bluetooth headsets, bluetooth speakers and other products. It is reported that research and development of an intelligent voice chip has been launched, which is expected to ship more than 30 million units next year.


According to the public information, the SOC chip developed by clan has been applied in the fields of high-performance earphones, speakers and smart home appliances, with a total shipment of over 600 million pieces. Liu shuizhan, the company's founder and CEO, believes that the wireless bluetooth headset will eventually evolve into an independent intelligent terminal, and the voice function is an important step in its "intelligent upgrade". To this end, cylan blue introduced the flathead brother xuantie series processor, relying on the flathead brother intelligent voice platform to develop a new generation of intelligent voice chip.

"Chip development is a long and expensive process. In the AIoT era, we need to adapt to the rapidly changing market and complete the chip design with the fastest speed and lowest cost." Mr. Liu said that by opening the IP core, the chip design platform and providing customized AI algorithms, the company has opened up chip design capabilities to small and medium-sized enterprises, reducing the time and cost of chip design companies.

It is reported that BTK is committed to becoming a chip infrastructure provider in AIoT era, helping chip design enterprises to lower the threshold of chip design, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can quickly achieve productization. In the future, it will also work with CSCL to promote AIoT ecological construction with basalt processor as the core.


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