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Apple Attack Gamingpc Taiwan Ties Tonic

Form: The economic journal 2019/12/23 Browse:333 Keywords: apple GamingPC Taiwan Tether

    The market was,Apple plans to launch eSports next yearPC,Unit price up to5,000USD,Will be Apple's first entry into eSportsPCfield。New product、High unit price again,Industry expected gross margin for Apple supply chain vendors,Will help positively。

  Apple's main assembly plant Quanta,TSMC,Hongzhun and Kecheng,Delta Power and Lite-On,Construction of fans,Wire factory Liangwei etc.,Expected to benefit from Apple GamingPCNew growth force。


  According to supply chain sources,Apple's gaming PC the new product,Except for high unit price,May be an all-in-one like a big screen(AIO),It could also be a big screen gaming laptop,Details are not clear at this time,Specifications should also be top gauge,High demands on component quality of supply chain manufacturers。Expected next year6Monthly at Apple's Global Developer Conference(WWDC)Posted on。

  Apple actively enters the gaming industry this year,9Month withiOS 13Advent,Launch of game subscription serviceApple Arcade,Initially provided more than100Exclusive game,Then iniPadOS、tvOS 13Open subscription games,Stationed nowmacOS Catalina,Buyers of all Apple products,Whether it ’s on a mobile phone、Tablet or laptop,Can be usedApple Arcade 。

  Apple ArcadeAction games currently included、Adventure games to puzzle games,Supply exceeds100Games,New games are released every month and can be played offline。In addition to these games, you can touch orSiri RemoteTo control the progress of the game,Some games also support other controllers,Such asXboxBluetooth wireless controller、PlayStation DualShock 4及MFiGame controllers, etc.。

  but,Mobile or online games,After all, I can only do some simple games,For an immersive gaming experience,Still only high specifications、Fast Computing GamingPCcan do it,This is why Apple still launches eSportsPCOne of the factors。As Apple enters eSportsPC,Inspired by new hardware product shipments,Expected to add new business opportunities to relevant supply chain vendors。


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