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Shenzhen Huayijia Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. After ten years, it has consistently committed to providing reliable high quality semiconductor products for the development of China's electronic technology industry.

Over the past ten years, with the continuous development of business and the continuous expansion of the industry, Huayijia Technology has ranked first in semiconductor sales in the Chinese market. The company upholds“Sincerity”,“major”,“Insist”Business philosophy, with rich experience and strong strength, has successfully ranked among the top semiconductor distributors in China.

The company's main products are MAXIM, EXAR, ANSON and other world-renowned semiconductor brands. In recent years, Huayijia Science and Technology has served more than 500 enterprises, and has become the chief supplier of many large electronic manufacturers in Beisheng, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It has established an important long-term strategic cooperative relationship.

In the future, the company will continue to upgrade its management, expand its scale and develop Huayijia Technology into one of the world's top semiconductor suppliers. Sincerely welcome traders and factory terminals to discuss cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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