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Brand Introduction
Shanghai wo core electronic technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "wo core technology), headquartered in Shanghai zhangjiang, research and development team are set up in Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan and us for many years committed to the independent design and development of domestic chip, the motor drive products have been launched 6 v - 700 v voltage range, can be driven two-phase, three-phase, brushless motor products such as motor driver chip, The technology level ranks high in China, and the chip research and development extends to various industries. Grain core technology with pure pursuit technology, constantly creating new products, constantly updated new applications, a variety of market solutions, diversification of design management idea, at the same time provide a large number of advanced, reliable, safe, high quality, easy to extend products and system integration services, we strive for perfection, facing the market with excellent quality and efficient services. Hexin technology plans to gradually enrich the product line in 3 years, and become the top flow chip RESEARCH and development design company in China from the aspects of technology, application and skills, so as to add brick and tile to China's "core", "crystal" endless.
Product Series
Brush DC motor drivers, MOSFET gate drivers, stepper motor drivers, MCU motor drivers
Application Areas
Smart home, wireless charging, robots, toy cars
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